Sunday, December 3, 2017

First Christmas in our New Home

My Christmas decorations have been in storage for 2 years.  So my first chore is to get them out and sort them into two piles-  what works in this house and what doesn't work in this house!!!  And for the first time ever in my life, I have decided that the color red  just might work for Christmas.

Cautiously,  I started with my neutral palate - whites, greens and metallic. 
This snowy peony and magnolia wreath went on the front door.

My favorite angel finally  came out of her box after 2 years
and found a place of honor in her new home.

The living room mantle was layered with a woodland vibe-
bronze ferns, millinery birds, frosted logs, mushrooms and frosted kale.

Velvet pumpkins, frosted thistles, and snowy mushrooms were layered together.

Inspiration for the kitchen fireplace- more frosty snowy woods, but with a pop of Christmas red!

 Do I like this red invasion in my normally white and metallic Christmas d├ęcor?
 I liked the red so much that I headed back into the gathering room to add touches of red.

Red tartan throws, a few red Christmas pillows- of velvet and rhinestones.

A large vase of red amaryllis with lots of evergreens.

And all of a sudden- the room came alive with the Christmas spirit!  

The chartreuse accents in the room were perfect with the reds.  

But I can assure you that I will still find a few spots for the pastels of my past.

Who could possibly resist loving these little guys?

I still have much more to do- over 30 more tubs of Christmas to sort through before I'm done.
Our new tree arrives tomorrow and the decorating continues.  The pile to be donated continues to grow.  But every time I unpack a treasure from a Christmas past, 
it makes me determined to find it a place in our new home.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Converting Twin Beds into a King

After living in the new house for almost 8 months, I am just getting the time to add  final touches to the guest rooms.  I couldn't sell my daughter's twin beds, there were  too many sentimental reasons. So we moved them from Chicago.  Our guests have preferred larger beds, so I decided to move them together and make a king bed.

 I love the detail on these old beds. 

 Heading to one of my favorite stores in Asheville, Porter and Prince, I purchased  Bella Notte pink pillow shams and cases to perk up the white linen bedspreads.

The detail on the satin pillowcase is so pretty. 

 This old coat rack is perfect for guests to hang things on in the room.  

 Velvet pumpkins, pink feathers and a masquerade mask fill the pierced compote.

 Kissed with frost, blush roses and berries add a seasonal winter feel to the room.

 The Restoration Hardware soft gray tulle petal curtains are perfect with the Bella Notte bedding.

The rustic ceiling is a gray washed pine board. 
The floors are painted white and have a gray silk
rug that anchors the beds.

A welcome retreat for a good night's sleep.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Food Market in Rome

One of the most fun places to visit while visiting Rome was the food market. 
I wish I could have transported the food back to North Carolina.

 fresh pasta - everywhere you turned. 

 Look at the glorious color of those tomatoes. 

 The variety of mushrooms was amazing.

 Every cut of meat that one could imagine.

 Salt cod.
 Bison carpaccio

A delightful man carving any type of prosciutto that your heart desires.  

 Coda di Aragosta- or lobster tail with Chantilly cream.   Crispy and light with a sinful cream filling.
My absolute favorite new treat.  Where can I find them here?  I am on a mission.
And finally- the most perfect fig tart that I have ever seen. From the Colina Bakery in Positano.
                                                                Sheer perfection.