Sunday, February 12, 2017

Move in Day - One Week Away!

This week we finally got a tentative go-ahead to start moving things in!  We still have lots of things on the punch list and quite a big cleaning marathon to do this week, but it looks like we will spend our first night a week from Wednesday!

Finally got the landscaping started.  A parking pad for guests is made of Dublin pavers.   The landscapers have started to plant and add the rock features.  We are still waiting for the shutters and garage door hardware.  The Designs by Bree lanterns were finally hung by the front door, however the tall lanterns by the parking area, still need to be installed.

Harry is pretty excited about being able to run around a large space again! He's not too crazy about the yard though and just stands at the door until someone comes to pick him up!

The stair railing is installed and we left it a natural steel color.  The Montana snow fencing finally arrived from Montana and was completed on the stair walls this week!

This large open foyer separates the living space from the master bedroom.

Gas logs were installed in the fireplaces and the lights on the beams were added to
add interest to the ceiling at night.

Entering the dining hall, the large island is now ready to be filled with goodies. Still lots of cleaning to do in here and still need all the shelves to be installed.

The two Restoration Hardware chandeliers are hung high in the rafters and need to be lowered 6 feet to go over the dining table.

Drawers had to be shortened to accommodate pop-up plugs in the countertops and are still sitting on the countertops by the stove- that stuff really is frustrating.

The unlacquered brass faucet is a little piece of jewelry for the kitchen sink.  And the window over the sink that looks into the conservatory was finally cleaned this week! 

The French range was completely installed and ready for dinners!

 I can't wait to take this little baby on a test drive! Especially that center warming plate!

Looking from the dining hall into the larder- white marble subway tile really brightens the space.

Wolf oven and steam oven were installed in the larder this week.

Love this faucet- had to create a niche in the backsplash to accommodate its size!  Worth it!

Master bedroom chandelier hung this week and adds a great contrast to the rustic ceiling and fireplace.

And the Air System Jetted tub for my bath finally arrived this week and was installed! 
Just in time for moving day! I'll need it!

And one of the most fun design elements of the house- a faux library in the elevator! Hats off to my master carpenters Chad and Brian for making this vision come to life for us! 
Hope our guests come with their library card! The panels are made of a soft velvet and should be
very forgiving to luggage marks.

And this week- too many good surprises- the hotel guest refreshment area- got it's backsplash!
This area will have wine, coffee, water and snacks for our guests.

Black and white marble with inlaid brass- too die for!! 

And another room that is turning out to be a favorite- the craft room.  Lots of counter and storage space and an old fashioned sink- perfect for artistic endeavors.

So 5 loads in our cars to the new house this weekend- exciting and tiring!  Can't wait to finally get everything there-   Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Two More Weeks Until Move In!

Finishing details are my favorite part of watching a house come together.  I chose the faucets over
15 months ago and it is tough to remember all their details.  Now is time for them to be installed.

This little 33 inch tall beauty is called the Gantry and is manufactured by WaterMark.  It is polished nickel and comes with a pull down sprayer and an articulated spout that will reach across the
long 44 inch Kohler Chef's sink in the prep kitchen and scullery. 

In the more formal kitchen area, the dining hall, an unlacquered polished brass faucet, also by Watermark, adds a bit more of an elegant touch to the sink area.  The countertops were installed this week and this area's counters are a leathered quartzite called Victoria Falls. 

The Lacanche range wall is primarily Doggett mountain stone.  A ledge of a gray limestone called crianza breaks the space between the countertop and the counter.  This will give a visual break and also be easier to clean next to the stove.  Eric, our master mason, is filling in the grout gap by hand to finish the installation.

This picture better shows the coloration and the 3 inch countertops. 
A black Vent-A-Hood is over the range.  It is detailed with a  brass pot rail and strapping.

Specialty doors have been installed this week.  This glass pocket door into my husband's "fly shop" allows light to go from the window in his space down a long hall to the living spaces.

And my favorite doors from a hotel in Paris are installed and get the royal treatment with a
camouflage hunters jacket hung on the feminine brass door knob.  Yes, as I have always said, this house is a study of contrasts! 

The old hardware was removed from the core of the door and
it was filled in with wood and epoxy  and new hardware was installed. 

Our hand forged stair rails were installed and make a wonderful contrast over the Montana snow fence shiplap in the stairwell.  Unfortunately, the Montana snow fence is "snowed in" in Montana and is still backordered.  We are waiting for more to finish the job.

Closet systems were installed this week.  Shelves for shoes, jewelry trays, lingerie drawers, pull out wardrobe hooks to plan outfits and a pull out full length mirror are some of the features.

 The inside of the fireboxes get painted black to get ready for the gas logs. 
This prevents the fire  from showing soot marks on the bricks.

Hopefully, in 2 weeks, these fireplaces will be glowing with gas logs.
Appliances and cabinetry details- hardware-trim-shelves happen this week.
  Landscaping and erosion control, water testing and  energy efficiency testing all happen this week too! One more coat of finishes on all the floors and paint touch up is all going on too! Final power and water get turned on Tuesday and all the temporary systems are disconnected. Music, Wi-Fi and TV's are being installed too.  We are hoping for occupancy permits next week.
Then the deep cleaning process begins and takes 2 weeks. Then we can move!
Wow- the millions of details just to move into a house- I am sure going to miss the action!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Move In Day- Three Weeks to Go!

The stone work on the front of the house is slowly getting done.  This intricate form of laying the stone to look like it was found in the adjoining fields only allows for a couple of rows to be applied every day.   Now the mason has reached the critical point of forming the arches over the doors and windows. 
 A plumb line keeps the stones in a straight pattern,
even though they appear to be placed randomly.

 The texture of this Doggett Mountain stone is the perfect rough look for our mountain home.

A frame has been temporarily built around the door to lay the stone in an arched pattern.

 Hand forged iron lanterns from Designs by Bree match the bronze down pipes and gutters perfectly.

 The two screened in porches are getting their wood ceiling treatments.

The new door hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware is being installed on the interior doors.

 This hardware is a hand cast bronze and the style is from the Paris Collection. They are a living finish and will continue to patina with age.  The finish is called Bronze Light.

The hardware for the powder room door is made by Martin Pierce.
My husband chose this particular handle and completely surprised me! 

Lower level bedrooms have been finished with a distressed wood ceiling.

 The dining hall now has two large crystal chandeliers from Restoration Hardware hanging between the reclaimed beams.   Ultimately, they will be lowered another 6 feet to sit 36 inches above the
rustic farm table. 

And now for some fun touches!   Our architect, Al Platt, is standing in the elevator car and checking out the fabric book panels.   Our finish carpenter is going to panel the elevator car with these fabric panels and add baseboard and crown molding to the elevator walls.  The fabric is a pile fabric that will not mar when luggage and people rest against it! I can't wait to see it finished!   
I purchased it online from the following source.

This coming week, countertops and sinks get installed, followed by appliances.
The driveway gets its pavers and the yard begins to be landscaped.  Can't wait to go back next week-

And just as we were leaving the property yesterday  on a rainy Saturday afternoon, one of my
favorite neighbors showed up!  Another flock of turkeys!!!!!!
I'm going to love living out here-

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WE Have Floors - Move in- 4 Weeks!

During my house visit yesterday,  I was delighted with new additions to the house.  I have been nervous over the stain color of the main level's floors .  We were going for a grey tone French white oak wide plank look, but we didn't want to spend the money for the real deal!   So our plan was to mimic the look. 
We installed white oak wide plank flooring. We lightly sanded them and left the saw marks prominent to get a more rustic feel.  After trying several combinations of walnut and grey stains mixed together, we finally just stained them min wax grey.  The oak wood tends to want to go brown and just a little bit of walnut stain, made them look too dark. 

See how the above sample got very brown with just a thimble full of walnut added to the grey!
So we eliminated the walnut stain!

The baseboard is actually a dark gray, but is still covered in paper to protect it from the staining process.  

The resulting color is a soft soothing grey.  We finished the floors with a light satin finishing coat.
I didn't want any shine and they achieved my goal!   The floors blend beautifully with the Montana snow fencing arches and the Sherwin Williams Mindful gray walls.  

Now for the lower level floors!!!  This decision caused numerous nights of lost sleep!  As a money saving solution, we installed maple hardware and lacquered it a gloss white!  The color is Benjamin Moore Moonshine- a perfect white with gray undertones.  What you are seeing is 3 coats of paint, with the top coat still drying.   A fourth and final coat will be applied tomorrow! 

While I cannot walk on these floors yet, I am so excited to see the rest of them.  I think they will lighten up the lower level and give it a modern twist!  On this floor, modern elements will mix with French antiques!   Lot's of cow rugs should add some rustic touches!   
  I can't wait to see how this all comes together. 

 Deck rails went up!

 Balcony rails went up. 
They are the same design as the decks, but have an additional decorative panel in the centers.

 A cement wall is being constructed in the front of the house.  It will be covered with Doggett Mountain stone and then capped to form a parking pad for guests.  Fill dirt will be added and then Gray Dublin Cobblestone pavers will be laid.  

And today, we met with the landscape architect to review the plans for plantings!  We have to plant all the ground cover and install soil  erosion features  to get a certificate of occupancy.  So we are getting started next week!

And the chandeliers continue to go up!  This Aiden Gray chandelier was hung today in the conservatory.  I love the contrast with the Doggett Mountain Stone walls.  

And just to put a final happy dance in my feet,  the electrician began to permanently power up the house and start to install dimmers and switches.   I can't wait to have wine and cheese in this room!